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How To Use YouTube Discovery Ads To Generate Leads and Sales
Written by Leads For Locals on Feb. 20 2020
In this video, I talk about how I'm using YouTube Discovery Ads to not just generate more leads and sales (affiliate in this video), but also rank my YouTube video much faster so that the number of leads and sales snowballs.

For those of you who have followed me for a while now, you know I've pretty much built my entire business from my YouTube videos.

YouTube has been responsible for about 90% of the clients and students I've acquired over the years, as well as building my email and chatbot lists, etc.

I was also generating an extra $700-$1,000 per month in affiliate commissions from Connect Explore at it's peak before Facebook shut it down.

The main reason for these results is because I provide valuable video content that generates a lot of views every month.

Experiencing the power of getting your YouTube videos ranked and getting a lot of views on them, I'm not implementing this strategy using YouTube Discovery Ads that allow my videos to get ranked that much faster, thus resulting in a much higher number of leads and sales.

The more views you get, the more leads and sales you get.

AND...the more views you get, in addition to view time, engagement like likes, comments and subscribes, the faster your video gets ranked on YouTube.

Using Discovery Ads accelerates the ranking process because you're basically super charging the amount of views you can get, instead of waiting for those views to accumulate over time.

In this video, I actually create a campaign live showing you how to actually create these discovery ads and how I choose my targeting.

In this case, I'm targeting exact keywords related to my video.

About Author: Matt Teuschel

Matt Teuschel has been an aspiring Digital Marketer and Lead Generation Expert for many years. Dedicated to reaching the Top 10% of Digital Marketing talent, he has invested thousands of dollars and equally as many hours mastering the art of generating leads and sales online. He has also documented his journey via the Leads For Locals YouTube Channel, showcasing the results of dozens of lead generation campaigns in multiple different industries. He believes that results speak for themselves and should always be the selling point for any service.
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