The Leads For Locals Lead Generation Academy
Get All Of My Best Strategies For Generating Leads On Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Chatbots And More
What you're about to get access to...(just the tip of the iceberg)
  • Every strategy I use to generate leads for myself and my clients using Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, AdRoll/Google, and more...
  • Breakdowns of REAL lead generation campaigns that I've actually run and continue to use to generate leads - including my actual Facebook ad campaigns
  • Powerful automation systems and follow up strategies to convert more of your traffic into leads, and more of your leads into sales/clients
Proven Lead Generation Strategies
Everything in the Lead Generation Academy is a compilation of REAL strategies and campaigns that I actually use in my business to generate my own leads, as well as for my clients. You see the actual results of my campaigns and exactly how I set them up.

Get Lifetime Academy Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest lead generation strategies that I am PERSONALLY testing in multiple industries to make sure we are always able to generate high-quality leads at the lowest cost possible.

The Private Facebook Group

Get access to my private Facebook group where my team and I will personally answer any questions you have or address any challenges you're facing. Get mentored by the best in the industry in this group.
What Exactly Is Inside The Lead Generation Academy? Let's take a quick tour...
Module #1:  Facebook Lead Generation
  • Overall Strategy: How I use each Campaign Objective when running Facebook ads
  • Highly-Targeted Audiences: My 2-3 layer interest targeting strategy for creating highly-targeted Facebook ads
  • The Lead-Ad Funnel: How to use Facebook lead ad forms to generate super-hot leads
  • Retargeting: Set up powerful Retargeting campaigns that capture additional leads you didn't get in the first campaign
Module #2:  YouTube Lead Generation
  • YouTube Channel: How to set up your channel to generate leads 24/7
  • Video SEO: How to upload your videos so they start ranking in the search results
  • YouTube Discovery Ads: How to use cheap "Discovery Ads" to boost your video views and subscribers
  • My secret "Video SEO Weapon": How to get your videos ranked for your exact keyword very fast
Module #3:  LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Your Profile: How to set up your LinkedIn profile to convert viewers into leads
  • Lead Gen Automation: How to completely automate your LinkedIn connect requests AND follow up messages so you only talk to people who respond to you
  • Sales Navigator Secrets: How to use to the full power of Sales Navigator to build a highly-targeted list of your exact ideal prospects
  • LinkedIn Retargeting: How to create powerful retargeting ad campaigns specifically just to your LinkedIn connections (incredibly effective)
  • ​​Messaging Sequence Framework: Get my EXACT LinkedIn messaging sequence that I use in my own business, as well as for my clients
Module #4:  Lead Gen Campaigns
  • Real Campaign Breakdowns: The results and strategy of real ad campaigns
  • Lead Gen Automation: How to completely automate your LinkedIn connect requests AND follow up messages so you only talk to people who respond to you
  • Sales Navigator Secrets: How to use to the full power of Sales Navigator to build a highly-targeted list of your exact ideal prospects
  • LinkedIn Retargeting: How to create powerful Facebook/Google retargeting ads specifically just to your LinkedIn connections
Module #5:  Chatbots
  • The Setup: How to build your Chatbots to get the highest amount of subscribers
  • Facebook Messenger Ads: How to generate messenger leads using Facebook ads (crazy powerful)
  • Pre-Qualification Bots: How to use chatbots to actually pre-qualify leads so you only talk to the hottest prospects
  • Chatbot Strategies: Learn specific strategies for generating messenger subscribers AND converting them into leads and sales
Module #6:  Automation
  • LinkedIn Automation: Insanely powerful automation systems for your LinkedIn connections (email follow ups, retargeting ads, bonjoro videos, and more)
  • Custom Audience Automation: How cool would it be to automatically add new prospects to your retargeting custom audiences?
  • Email Follow ups: Create powerful email follow up campaigns for all of your ads and outreach
Module #7:  Tools and Resources
  • Clickfunnels: 5 powerful ways I use Clickfunnels in my business and my clients
  • Creating Ad Videos: How to create powerful and engaging videos to run ads with
  • Bonjoro: How I use simple "Bonjoro" videos to convert more leads and reduce no-shows
  • ​Additional Bonuses: This module will contain all of the extra good stuff
Here's what some of my students have to say...
Can You Handle 10, 20, 30+ More Leads Per Month?
That's what my Lead Generation Academy will teach you. It's all of my best lead generation strategies across multiple social media platforms that I actually use in my own business.
Get access to the Lead Generation Academy while it's so cheap...
48 Hour Money Back Guarantee
I know. 48 hours? What the heck? Why only 48 hours? Because I don't want people stealing my best shit. Plain and simple. If you're serious about using digital marketing to grow your business, then there's no reason to request a refund.

I have busted my ass getting to where I'm at and don't need thieves coming in, getting all of my best stuff, and then 29 days later request a refund because their cheap asses. It's not fair to the honest people who genuinely want to learn a very valuable skill set.

So if you buy into the course and realize it's not what you thought or digital marketing is not for you, no problem. But I want people in my community who are serious and want to crush it with digital marketing.
Frequently Asked Questions
How soon will I start generating leads?
That really depends on how fast you get through the training and if you're an action taker. Once you learn these lead gen strategies, they don't take very long to implement. You can also hire Virtual Assistants to help with some of the set up.
Are the leads that come in high-quality?
Like any form of marketing, you're going to get some people that submit bad information, change their mind, stubbed their toe that morning and want to take it out on you...who the hell knows. However, there are also plenty of good leads that come in that want to do business with you. Some people might want to do business right away. Some might want one in 6 months. Some you might not get a hold of until your 10th try. This is business. You have to have persistence in your sales and follow up. The Academy gives you strategies to fill your pipeline up so you and/or your clients always have prospects to reach out to.
Can I get a refund?
You have 48 hours to change your mind and get a refund. I do this due to the nature of the information provided in the Academy. When you get access, you'll see just how powerful the information and strategies really are. And just like you wouldn't want someone stealing from you, I don't want people stealing from me either. That's why I only offer a 48 hour money back guarantee to make sure that only serious people enter the Academy. Not thieves who's only intention is to gain access, acquire as much information and strategy as they can, ask for a refund, and then go use the exact strategies they just stole. Not happening!
Can I hire a Virtual Assistant to implement everything for me?
You absolutely can. However, I would recommend still going through the training and getting acquainted with the accounts, tools, and resources so that you can properly manage your VA and be able to determine if the right work is being done.
What if I don't know anything about Online Marketing?
While some experience in online marketing would certainly help, it's definitely not required. The Academy was designed to educate through hands on training. Meaning you don't just learn how to build a massive lead generation machine, you're shown exactly how to do it. I am literally sharing my screen virtually throughout the entire training program showing you every click I make and every website I visit so you can follow right along. 
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