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Leads For Locals is a very successful digital marketing company that specializes in generating leads and new customers across multiple different industries using the power of online marketing strategies, but more specifically in the business loan niche.
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Written by Matt Teuschel - Leads For Locals on Oct. 17th 2019
A few disappointments this week but we're still crushing it. 185 business loan leads so far in about 3 weeks for under $7 a piece. 2 out of 3 of them have filled out our business loan pre-qualification survey. We've even generated over 30 appointments...
Written by Matt Teuschel - Leads For Locals on Oct. 19th 2019
In this video, I go through a simple, but powerful lesson I've learned when running Facebook Ads to generate business loan leads. For whatever reason, it makes a huge difference in the performance of all of my lead generation campaigns. It's simply running only 2 Facebook image ads per ad set...
Written by Matt Teuschel - Leads For Locals on Nov. 2nd 2019
October was an amazing month for our business loan lead generation. We generated 420 business loan leads across 4 different industries: 1. Restaurants 2. Trucking 3. Construction 4. Auto Repair. I don't have the exact number but I know there's but quite a few applications submitted and some loans that have closed...
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