Learn how to generate your own exclusive life insurance leads - Step-By-Step training  •
For serious life insurance agents:
Learn how to generate your own exclusive life insurance leads
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Get Step-By-Step Training For Generating Exclusive, Real-Time Life Insurance Leads
You're about to get access to literally everything you could ever need to generates tons of insurance leads every month and build a very successful insurance agency.

What Exactly Are You Getting In The Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy?

What Exactly Are You Getting In The Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy?

Proven Facebook Ads Campaigns
You're going to learn the exact Facebook ad campaigns and strategies I use for clients and students to generate a consistent flow of life insurance leads. You will see and get templates for the ad copy, ad images, the funnels, the follow-up emails, and overall Facebook Marketing Strategy.
Get Step-By-Step Facebook Ads Training For Life Insurance
LinkedIn Marketing
Learn how to use the power of LinkedIn to generate high-ticket Annuity and/or IUL retirement leads. This part of the academy shows you exactly how to target high net-worth decision makers that you can connect with and start building a relationship with all on complete auto-pilot.
Includes The Exact Scripts, Messages, And Tools Needed
Pre-Made Funnels And Webpages
Not very technical? You don't have to be because I'm going to give you my proven and pre-made funnels and webpages specifially for generating life insurance leads so you don't have to spend time or money building your funnels. All you'll need to do is customize the pages to your business (which I show you how to do step-by-step).
This Alone Is Worth Thousands Of Dollars
Pre-Made Email Templates
In addition to the pre-made funnels and webpages, you're also going to get my proven email template and training that consistently gets us up to 20%-35% open rates on our email campaigns. You also get pre-written email content that you can use and customize to start using immediately.
Convert A lot More Of Your Leads Into Clients
Completely Automated CRM Setup
Getting your Automated CRM is one of the most powerful parts of the Academy. It will allow you to EASILY track and follow up with all of your leads so you close more clients. The best part is that it is incredibly easy to setup, especially with me walking you through it step-by-step!
Don't Let Any Of Your Hard-Earned Leads Slip Through The Cracks

student results after joining the life insurance lead gen academy:

Check Out Allan's results after joining the life insurance lead gen academy:

Learn How To Generate A Consistent Flow Of Your Own Exclusive, Real-Time Life Insurance leads Using proven systems and strategies
For Every Insurance Agent With A Dream And A Mission
As insurance agents, we (I used to work for NAA) are in a unique position to earn incredible income while also making a profound impact on people's lives.

The problem is that most agents don't know how to market themselves effectively to generate a consistent flow of leads and prospects every month.

They rely on outdated tactics like referrals and networking. Or maybe they're fortunate enough to work with an organization that provides a few leads here and there that you can purchase.

In either case, it's imperative that you learn the skill set of generating your own exclusive, real-time life insurance leads on auto-pilot using the power of today's technology.
Start Generating Your Own Leads Today
When you join the Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy and actually commit to putting in the work, you will be able to build a fully automated online lead generation machine.

Whether it's final expense, mortgage protection, or even high ticket Annuity and IUL cases, you'll have everything you need to always have a full pipeline of insurance leads and prospects to contact.

So if you're ready to take full control of your insurance agency and start generating your own exclusive real-time insurance leads, then join me inside the Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy and lets serve our communities with our amazing services.

meet the FOUNDER OF Leads For Locals
Matt Teuschel
My name is Matt Teuschel, and I am truly proud to bring you the Life Insurance Lead Gen Academy. The Insurance industry holds a special place in my heart because of the amazing impact it can have on people's lives. So for me, the more agents I can help, the more people I help indirectly. I truly hope you'll join our community and movement.
If you're serious about building a successful agency, while helping as many people as you can, then be bold and take action now. Get the tools you need to build a virtual agency and generate a consistent flow of insurance leads every month.
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