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Lead Generation
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  Increase Sales
  Always Stay Busy
One-on-one Coaching Available 
  Growth Strategies
  Marketing Evaluation
  Campaign Optimization
  Strategic Planning
  Audience Development
Funnel Setup
Automated Sales, Lead Gen, and Appointments
  Double Your Revenue
  The 'Irresistible Offer'
  Customer Journey
  Sales, Leads, Appts
  Follow-Up Funnels
Chatbot Setup
Online Relationship Building
  Triple Open Rates
  Triple Click Thru Rates
  Build More Trust
  More Engagment
  Pre-made Conversation
The Leads For Locals Founder
Matt Teuschel has been an aspiring Digital Marketer and Lead Generation Expert for many years. Dedicated to reaching the Top 10% of Digital Marketing talent, he has invested thousands of dollars and equally as many hours mastering the art of generating leads and sales online. He has also documented his journey via the Leads For Locals YouTube Channel, showcasing the results of dozens of lead generation campaigns in multiple different industries. He believes that results speak for themselves and should always be the selling point for any service.
The Process
3 Steps To Successful Online Lead Generation
The Foundation
The first step is to make sure we have everything we need to build your Lead Gen Machine. Everything from your Target Audience, to your Irresistible Offer, to assets like PDF's, videos, etc.
The Lead Gen System
The next step is actually building out your Lead Gen Machine using everything from the Foundation step. Here, we'll create the ad campaigns, the funnels, the follow-up, tracking for retargeting, etc.
The Automation
The final step is ensuring that the entire lead gen process is completely automated. Leads will be sent to your CRM, a Google Spreadsheet, text and email notifications, automatic appointment setting, etc.
Client Reviews
The Proof Is In The Testimonial

Albert Generated 65 leads for $2.25 per lead

54 Real Estate Funding Leads and 12 Business Loan Leads

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Leads For Locals Training Academies
Leads For Locals Lead Gen Academy
Want to learn how to generate leads in ANY industry? This academy contains every lead generation strategy that we use for our clients, as well as ourselves. Learn Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Retargeting, Funnels, Ad Copy, Follow-Up, Automation, and much more.
Credit Repair Lead Gen
Want to learn how to generate leads specifically for the Credit Repair industry? This academy is for you. Learn how to create powerful Facebook ad campaigns, as well as how to create "Referral Partners" that will send you credit repair referrals.
The Book That Changed Everything...
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson was the book that really opened my eyes to the possibility of turning my knowledge and expertise into a business and how to do it right. This book changed my life and it can yours too if you let it. The best part is it's free, you just pay for shipping. Click the button below to get yours.
* we respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased *
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