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Why You Should Triple Down On Your Marketing During The Corona Virus Crisis
Written by Leads For Locals on March 24, 2020
One of the biggest mistakes business owners make during difficult times like these is to cut their marketing budget 😖 In reality, that's the LAST place you should be cutting your budget (unless you don't want to be in business anymore).

I get it, we need to make sure there's food on the table. But don't sacrifice food on the table in the long run for the short term.

Remember, as business owners, the way we put food on the table is by helping clients/customers and closing deals/sales.

If we don't do that, we don't eat. And we need a steady flow of new leads in order to make that happen.

The truth is, right now is the absolute best time to market and advertise your business.

 ✔️ Marketing costs are plummeting
 ✔️ 95% of your competition is not advertising
 ✔️ People need solutions to problems more than ever

In this video, I talk about why right now is one of the greatest opportunities from a marketing perspective that we've seen in a long time and how to capitalize on it while truly helping your target audience.

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About Author: Matt Teuschel

Matt Teuschel has been an aspiring Digital Marketer and Lead Generation Expert for many years. Dedicated to reaching the Top 10% of Digital Marketing talent, he has invested thousands of dollars and equally as many hours mastering the art of generating leads and sales online. He has also documented his journey via the Leads For Locals YouTube Channel, showcasing the results of dozens of lead generation campaigns in multiple different industries. He believes that results speak for themselves and should always be the selling point for any service.
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